To meet the need for communication training in veterinary practice, IHC now provides training opportunities for practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other members of the veterinary team using the training materials from the Bayer Communication Project.



The Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit organization that has collaborated with hundreds of health care organizations since 1989 to train more than 150,000 physicians and other health care professionals throughout North America in effective communication skills.


In 2002, IHC expanded the scope of communication training to the field of veterinary medicine through a grant from Bayer Animal Health. The Bayer Animal Health Communication Project has been steadfast in its commitment to address gaps in communication skills training within schools of veterinary medicine and in the practice community. Since June 2003, the project has developed 12 educational modules and training films on skill-based communications topics, trained 210 faculty from 36 schools of veterinary medicine in the United States, Canada, Australia and Portugal. In addition, the Director and faculty trainers conduct numerous presentations at national, regional and statewide meetings.


The demand for communication training in the veterinary community remains strong. Given the overwhelming interest from schools of veterinary medicine, a competitive application process was implemented in 2005 to assure integration of communication skills within the veterinary curricula. Of the 36 schools that have benefited from the Bayer Animal Health grant for faculty training, 19 schools have invested the training of several faculty members. Leading the effort is Michigan State University, where 57 faculty and staff members have been trained. Other schools invested in additional faculty training include University of Calgary with 17 trained faculty members, Texas A&M University with 16 trained faculty members, 13 from Washington State University, 13 from The Ohio State University, 7 from University of Guelph and 5 from University of Tennessee.


In addition to faculty training in schools of veterinary medicine, the Communication Project is expanding the reach to practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians and the veterinary team with funding from Bayer Animal Health.

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