The BAH Communication Project staff is housed at the main office of the Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC), located in New Haven, CT in the Maritime Center overlooking Long Island Sound. There are designated IHC staff members and affiliated faculty who devote their time to the BAH Communication Project:

Kathleen A Bonvicini

Kathleen A. Bonvicini and Chloe - Project Director

Dr. Kathleen Bonvicini is the Chief Executive Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Communication. She delivers communication workshops and provides train-the-trainer programs throughout the United States, Canada, and in Europe. In addition, she is the Project Director for the Institute's Veterinary Communication Training Project which has been supported primarily by Bayer Animal Health and Partnerships including the American Veterinary Medical Association Professional Liability Insurance Trust. She designs and leads the faculty training program that has been successfully implemented in every school of veterinary medicine in the United States and Canada and has recently been introduced into Australia. She has written and presented extensively to international audiences on the importance of communication training in both human and veterinary medicine. She has also provided clinical consultation to...
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Dr. Cecile Carson

Cecile Carson, M.D. and Queen Maeve - Project Trainer and Facilitator

Dr. Cecile A. Carson, M.D. has been Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical School in Rochester, NY, since 1986. An internist and counselor, she has focused her teaching primarily on improving communication between clinicians and patients. She has been active in the American Academy on Physician and Patient as facilitator, speaker and innovator.... click here to view complete biography

Laurie B. Mansfield

Laurie Mansfield and Chloe - Project Administrator

Laurie is a Senior Regional Administrator for the Institute for Healthcare Communication. She has held this position since February of 2000. In this role, Laurie's primary responsibilities include coordinating training programs which are conducted by the management and consultants' team of the Institute. One of her primary responsibilities is the Bayer Animal Health Communication Program...
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